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Schneider Digitar Lenses

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Nikon Close-up Equipment Brochure

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NIkon Brochure for Large Format Lenses

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B&H Brochure on Large Format Lenses

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Nikon Brochure for APO El Nikkor Lenses

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Schneider Brochure on the Mcro Varon Lenses

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Nikon's brochure on their APO El Nikkor Lenses, some of the finest highly corrected lenses for close-up and enlargers.

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This is a visual tour of the Heart Center Studio, built and designed by Michael Erlewine. 

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Here is one of the Nikon brochures for their industrial scanning lenses, called "Printing Nikkors."

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This is a brief, illustrated by graphs article on the Nikon lenses know best as the Printing Nikkors. They were originally used to scan and copy color films and movies in the highest definition. The major five Printing Nikkors are discussed along with graphs as to how they result.

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The dharma and astrology blogs of Michael Erlewine for 2018, Winter, 163 Pages, 63 articles.

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Travelling to Samye Monastery, Tibets oldest monastery and climpling the Chim-Puk, the Guru Rinpoche cave.

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The story of our climb to Crystal Cave (SHel-Drak) in Tibet in 1997, said to be the first meditation cave for Guru Rinpoche.

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