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A radical new way to look a chart using full-phase aspects.

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The author’s personal experience with Mahamudra training and experience over 30 years working with an authentic Tibetan lama.


Michael Erlewine is an Internet pioneer and well-known archivist of popular culture, founding the largest music database in the world (AllMusic.com), one of the two largest film databases (AllMovie.com), the largest Rock n’ Roll concert poster database (ClassicPosters.com), and many others.


Erlewine has studied Buddhism since the 1950s, and practiced it for over 40 years, and is director of the Heart Center for meditation instruction since the 1980s. Trained in the Karma Kagyu system of Tibetan Buddhism, Erlewine has practiced Mahamudra Meditation for 29 years under the guidance of Karma Kagyu Teachers.

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