Spirit Grooves

A look at diet and exercise for those with health conditions or who are aging, like me.

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Michael Erlewine explains how he approached various addictions, including caffeine, alcohol, sugar, drugs, cigarettes, overeating, and meat.

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This is a short essay on what is needed for my work in close-up photography. Many free e-books are available at this linke:



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An update of the original book on closeup and macro lenses done in 2014. This has many more essays and more lenses, as well.


239 pages, many illustrations.

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A series of 37 blogs (145 pages) on dharma by Michael Erlewine

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A radical new way to look a chart using full-phase aspects.

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The author’s personal experience with Mahamudra training and experience over 30 years working with an authentic Tibetan lama.


Michael Erlewine is an Internet pioneer and well-known archivist of popular culture, founding the largest music database in the world (AllMusic.com), one of the two largest film databases (AllMovie.com), the largest Rock n’ Roll concert poster database (ClassicPosters.com), and many others.


Erlewine has studied Buddhism since the 1950s, and practiced it for over 40 years, and is director of the Heart Center for meditation instruction since the 1980s. Trained in the Karma Kagyu system of Tibetan Buddhism, Erlewine has practiced Mahamudra Meditation for 29 years under the guidance of Karma Kagyu Teachers.

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Dharma Blogs 2017 Spring with Michael Erlewine, 203 pages and 74 articles

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A series or blogs and articles on dharma, dharma training, music, astrology, and photography by Michael Erlewine.

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A series of 52 articles (258 pages) on dharma, dharma training, and other topics in 6x9" format.

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This is a series of 52 short articles on dharma, dharma training, and other topics by author Michael Erlewine.

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A collection of dharma, dharma practice, music, and astrology blogs from the autumn of 2015 in easy-to-read 6x9" fromat for laptops and iPads..

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A collection of blogs on dharma practice, music, and photography by Michael Erlewine

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A collection of blogs on dharma and dharma practice by Michael Erlewine given in the Spirng of 2016

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A collection of blogs on the dharma (and some other topics) by Michael Erlewine for the Summer of 2016

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The collected series of blogs for the Fall of 2016 by Michael Erlewine as posted on Facebook and Google+.

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This is a series of blogs on dharma topics and related subject during the Winter of 2017 by Michael Erlewine.

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This is a talk about liberation through seeing, and the message here is meant to be a catalyst, rather than to make any particular point or answer. It is about liberation through whatever we do in life, like: what we do each day. I’m not saying this approach is for everyone, but I am saying that it may be useful for some of you. In particular, those who struggle with practicing dharma too formally and are having trouble with enthusiasm.

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