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I am working on a series of small books that show what various close-up (ones I use) lenses do at each of the main apertures. This may not be useful to anyone, in which case ignore it. But for those trying to decide where to put their money in lenses, it could be a help. This first booklet includes lenses I have talked about often. Following soon are a whole bunch of enlarger-style barrel lenses, some that are remarkable and cost relatively very little.

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El Nikkor 63mm f/2.8

Schneider APO Digitar Componon-S f/4

Schneider APO-Rodagon 90mm f/4

Schneider 120mm Digitar-N f/4.5

Schneider 120mm Digitar-M Macro  f/5.6

Carl Zeiss 74mm S-Planar Macro f/8 to f/64

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This is Volume One of a short series that offers images at various apertures for a group of very fine lenses for close-up work. These are large images, so you can see what happens at each of the various apertures for some special lenses.

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